The Firm

RELA opened for business in January 2011 focusing on residential design and peer reviews for New York City Coops and Condominiums. The firm has grown and relocated in 2015 from a small Flatiron sublet to larger quarters at Broadway and Liberty Street.  Services have expanded to include commercial and medical offices, multi-family residential amenities, development due diligence, project management and feasibility analysis.

We believe architecture should excite the imagination and endure the test of time. From concept through construction we strive to design projects that are as enjoyable to use as they are to behold; designs that delight the senses through thoughtful attention to site, form, flow, function, materials, color, texture, daylight and lighting. Our designs evolve from these factors to reflect the project’s context and client’s desires, grounded in our experience with traditional, historic, modern and contemporary styles.

Mindful of budgets and the value of improvements, our projects typically begin with site-specific programs and budgets based upon a detailed understanding of our clients’ needs and desires and the opportunities and requirements of the site. Working closely with our clients, we research and present critical information and key factors at project milestones to support decision-making. Our typical design process includes alternative schematic designs and increasingly detailed drawings, budgets and schedules. leading to final design and construction documents. We work with a number of engineers, contractors and consultants and build an experienced project team to provide the full range of services specific to each project.